Join Run Flagstaff in the 1st annual Cops and Robbers Run

When: The Run starts from Run Flagstaff at 6 p.m. sharp (be there by 5:45) on Tuesday, Dec. 17th, and finishes when you have completed your objectives, OR by 7 p.m., and returned to Run Flagstaff for prizes and edible goodies.

What: The objective is simple; hit multiple stations around downtown Flagstaff to try and fill your goodie bag. Of course robberies are never that simple. As you journey from station to station the streets will be patrolled by Run Flagstaff Officers of the Law looking to protect the loot you are tying to steal. Don’t get caught!

Who: All ages and abilities are welcome, especially if you want to have some fun.

Why: This is a great opportunity to break up the routine of trudging through a daily run in the cold, potentially snowy, weather with a fun, free event. There are prizes for the fastest, sneakiest, and best dressed, as well as food and drink. So seriously, why not?

Peace Surplus is proud, and honored, to be one of the “robbery” stops for this event. Should be great fun!! See ya out there. Please contact Run Flagstaff with questions.