Big B and Little b went skiing in Japan, Part 1 of 3 – Planning and Getting There.


B getting a face full! Photo Credit: Paul Ellis               

The Decision to go to Japan

Spring has sprung, bike to work week is now done and we are seven months away from the next ski season. It is time to start thinking about the next big trip. Last year about this time B was lamenting the fact that he was going to turn 50 and wanted to spend his birthday on a slope somewhere. Since B’s b-day is in August, the only place to go would be South America or New Zealand. After researching and delaying long enough, the plane tickets were so expensive that it looked like it was not going to happen, B was getting somewhat frustrated. At this point b, dealing with a grumpy spouse quickly made the suggestion, “what about Japan? They have skiing in Japan!” After more research we discovered that we could get plane tickets from Phoenix to Narita, Japan with mileage points leaving on Christmas Day and returning 18 days later. So having no other plan but to fly to Narita we reserved our seats, before either of us had leave from work to take any vacation time. We had made a commitment. Continue reading

Jackson Hole 2015 Ultimate Towner By Ron Sureck

Pre Race

You’ll find that the more you sign-up and compete in races, there is one overarching detail that stands alone – no two races are the same. A hill that you thought was going to be a problem was in fact a breeze, open water swimming is much different that laps in a pool, etc. This then highlights a new characteristic of your training which is; “adaptability is key”. Continue reading