Get Comfy When Camping: 10 Tips for Setting Up Your Campsite

There is nothing like sleeping in the great outdoors, but there are some situations that can put a damper on your comfort and fun. Setting up the perfect campsite isn’t difficult, but it does require some attention to things that you may overlook when pitching your tent. Here are 10 tips for setting up a comfortable campsite.

1. Get the Right Size

Choose a tent that suits your needs, rather than the largest one you can find. Tent manufacturers will offer recommendations related to size and occupancy, and bigger isn’t always better. A larger tent will require more energy to set up and typically costs more to buy or rent.

2. Watch the Wind

Set up your tent so that it is away from, and not downwind of, your fire pit or campfire. This will prevent the smoke from blowing near where you are trying to sleep.

3. Keep Your Distance

If camping near lakes, ponds, or rivers, set up your site at least 200 feet away from the water. This will result in fewer mosquitoes, fewer insects, and less chance of wildlife wandering into your campsite. At night, many animals will head toward water to get a drink, which can bring them too close to where you are sleeping.

4. Cover Up Your Tent

Position a tarp in the trees over your tent, tied and suspended from tree branches, to divert water away from your tent in the event of rain. This will keep you from getting soggy when sleeping in a storm.

5. Bring Some Fire Starters

Bring fire starters to make getting set up a lot easier and to ensure you are able to start a fire right away. Make your own: saturate cotton balls with petroleum jelly and store in a sealed plastic bag. You can also buy fire starter sticks at camping supply venues.

6. Make a Floor

Use an old area rug or remnant to lay on the floor of your tent; this will help keep the space cleaner and warmer. You can also buy tent-carpets, which are specifically designed to provide a plush surface in a tent. Set up a mat or bin for shoes outside your tent’s door, and instruct family and friends to remove shoes before entering your tent to cut down dramatically on dirt and debris inside.

7. Skip the Cubes

If you want to keep your food and drinks cold without the hassle of constantly buying ice cubes, buy blocks of ice instead. You can also freeze bottles of water to easily fit in your cooler, and they will stay cold much longer than ice cubes.

8. Make It Spicy

Cooking at camp is fun, but don’t forget the spices! Take time to pack the various spices from home that will elevate whatever you toss on the grill at camp. Pick up an inexpensive pill organizer with small compartments that are the perfect size for pinches of your favorite herbs and spices when camping.

9. Heat Things Up

Is your sleeping bag a little chilly? Before going to bed, fill your thermos or insulated bottle with hot water and slide it into your sleeping bag. This will make your bag nice and toasty warm on even the coolest nights.

10. Set Up Stations

It makes things a lot more comfortable and convenient when you set up your site in stations: an area to eat, to cook, to wash dishes, to lounge, and to sleep. Arrange items and gear according to where and how you will use them. This way, you won’t be constantly looking and retracing your steps to find what you need.

Use these tips to set up a comfortable campsite and enjoy your time sleeping under the stars. Call Peace Surplus to rent anything that you need for setting up your site without the expense of buying camping gear for your next trip.

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