Key Chain Camping

4 Essential Accessories You Can Fit in Your Pocket

Camping in the wilderness provides you with a lot of adventures, exciting exploration, and plenty of traveling by foot. This is why people who spend time hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors love to pack as light as possible.

Thankfully, innovations, inventions, and products have come out directly catered to packing light. If you have a key chain ring or carabinier, then you can simply attach a number of these accessories to it and slip it right into your pocket.

Not only will these accessories be lightweight, but you will also have easy access to them, making this method ideal for camping. You will not have to go digging through multiple bags to find these essential items.

Key Chain Pocket Knife

One of the more essential items to have while camping is a pocket knife. Keeping a pocket knife close by and with easy reach allows you to access it when you need to. A key chain clip can attach right to a belt loop so the pocket knife hangs down and remains attached.

A number of pocket knives come with key chain connectors added to them. These connectors make it easy to attach the pocket knife to your key chain. Other sets include their own key chain element where you can attach keys and other accessories.

Along with the blade, a pocket knife may contain extra accessories like a screwdriver, nail file, or a pair of scissors.

Key Chain Multi-Tool

Similar to the pocket knife is the key chain multi-tool. If you already have a dedicated camping knife, then you can purchase a key chain multi-tool that has everything but a sharp blade. This easy-access multi-tool can help you get through brush, assist with the set-up of camp, and make it easy to deal with other camping supplies.

Examples of tools found on a key chain multi-tool include a wrench, a screwdriver, a box cutter, and a small measurement tool. All of these are useful in the world of camping, and you can save a lot of extra space and weight by having them placed on just one device.

Floating Key Keeper

If any part of your camping trip involves a body of water, then you’ll want to ensure you do not lose your keys or any of the accessories attached to it at the bottom of it. This is why it’s a good idea to purchase a floating key keeper.

Whether you’re fishing on a lake or boating down a river, you will want the extra safeguard that comes with wearing a floating key chain device. These floaters come in different styles and designs, so you have the option of choosing a lightweight design that truly fits your needs.

If your keys are ever accidentally dropped, the bright, reflective colors of the key chain will make it easy to locate them floating on the water.

Bottle Openers

Key chain bottle openers may seem like they are a dime a dozen, but bringing a few on a camping trip can provide you with a lot of advantages. Not only can they open bottles and cans, but there are several other uses for a bottle opener.

If you gather any types of nuts, the bottle opener can easily be used to crack them open. If you cook on a small grill or grill top over a fire, a bottle opener can scrape food off the grill and help you keep it clean.

A bottle opener can also be used to help open up fruits like oranges and clementines. The more you camp with a bottle opener key chain, the more uses you will find for this small tool.

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